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Supply pipe tracing repair and replacement

We can trace your supply with a view to replacing it, however, we are unable to carry out pipe tracing in isolation.

Why can't you provide tracing on its own? 
Although our tracing methods are highly sophisticated, it is impossible to 100% guarantee where pipes are. However, if we are tracing and then excavating ourselves as part of the work, we can find the pipe even if our trace is slightly off.
How do you trace the route of supply? 
We use a variety of methods depending on the material of the pipe. Metal pipes can be traced electronically using a trace wire, and plastic pipes can only be traced by inserting an electronic wire, which often means a single excavation. 

For more information about supply pipe tracing repair and replacement, click here to contact us. Alternatively, call or email us on 01865 876377 - info@talboysutilities.co.uk


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