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Leakage detection and repair

We can detect and fix visible or non-visible leaks (approximately 70% are non-visible).

Replacement supply pipes can be guaranteed for 5 years up to your point of entry, or for 10 years if we have replaced the complete supply from outside valve (OSV) to inside valve (ISV). After the work is completed, we pride ourselves on aiming to restore your property to how we found it.

How do we detect the leak? 
We use inert gas testing to locate the leak and then complete the repair. We can generally trace any type of metal pipe (galvanised steel, copper, lead etc.), as well as use an electronic trace wire to locate black or blue polybutylene pipes.

For more information about leakage detection and repair, click here to contact us. Alternatively, call or email us on 01865 876377 - info@talboysutilities.co.uk

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